Oh my, what can I say. I started reading Piers as a kid and still do.

This is the first book of the Xanth “trilogy” – a “trilogy” that is dozens of books long now. Its very light reading, and sometimes heartwarming, and ALWAYS, ALWAYS, full of bad puns. Its about a parallel world, Xanth, that occasionally intersects with our world. In Xanth, all natives are born with a magic skill, and puns work. For example, being chased by something? Drop a dime. What is chasing you will “stop on a dime”. Sounds corny, but he slips them in whenever your not paying attention or expecting them. Kind of addictive. I have at least one full shelf of the paperbacks.

Not for the easily offended. This is book one of a seven book series (ok, ok, he came out with book eight, but the reviews of it fizzled – like it was a bit forced. In any case, I suggest just reading the first seven). Each book addresses a different Incarnation of Immortality – from Death, to Mars, to Gia,to the Fates, to God. Again, not for the easily offended.

Another series of seven or so books. Basic storyline is centered around two parallel universes – one focused on the technology planet Proton, sole source of the fuel used to power interstellar travel and therefore extremely rich and extremely decadent. The other focused on the world Phase – a planet of magic. I believe it was in Unicorn Point that I had a unique, never before, never since experience: I got so choked up reading the storyline I could not continue (at least for a bit). Weird experience, but I still get choked up if I even try and tell someone about it (and yes, a small tear while writing about it).

Piers has written many, many, many novels – the vast majority of them quite good. He even published the book version of “Total Recall” – the Arnold Sci-Fi movie. Alas, I haven’t read anything new from him in awhile. He started publishing some of his old works, using his new fame, and it was a bit obviously why they were not published when he was unknown. Still, would love to meet the man someday and thank for for the hundreds of hours of pleasurable reading he has provided me.