Had plans to drive up and assist in burning a neighbors small 10 acre prairie today.  This has been in the works for a couple of weeks now.  Got about 20 minutes into the trip when I received the call:  Burn cancelled.  Winds are wrong and humidity is too high.

So, good news:  Saved 380 miles of driving today and the gas money.  Also now have some extra time today.  Spent some of that at a local farm and home store.  Found a great solution for creating a temporary gate at the end of that electric fence I put up last weekend.  Its a traditional electric fence tightener with a built in insulator connected to an 18″ wire loop.  I’ll just screw in a large J hook into the fence post, and use this tightener.  It should keep the fence under a bit of tension, and since the the wire loop is insulted, will allow me to easily unhook it when I want to get through to deliver hay or whatnot.

Did call Sonny to tell him we wouldn’t be up.  Got a report that the cattle are behaving and staying on their side of the new wire.

Regarding the prairie burn – this is just the way these things go.  Conditions have to be just right – temperature good, humidity not too high or too low, winds, but not too strong, and from the right direction.

So many things would be easier if we just lived there!