Given that Christmas is coming, I thought I’d start a thread on things my 3 and 5 year old like…

For the 3 year old boy, its easy.  Puzzles.  The harder the better.  He just loves them.  Of course, they need to match his level of dexterity, but we often find him mixing several puzzles together to increase the challenge of sorting them out.

My 5 year old daughter is the artist.  She loves anything to do with drawing, painting, making artistic things, etc.  One thing she really loved is Aqua Sand.  I hear its been discontinued by the manufacture, but its still available on Amazon:

One word of warning… kids can be creative.  My daughter lost one of these kits when her and a friend decided it would be cool to mix in sand from the sandbox.  That doesn’t actually work well in real life <smile>.  Still, its reasonably inexpensive and my daughter seems to enjoy it for hours.