Mixed day.  Forecast was for rain at 3 different times today.  Didn’t get a drop.  Did cool off a bit.

For those following the cat story, he stayed out until 5am.  Nice!

Started working on the back staircase.  We got the 6 support post in during the morning and carried the 20′ 2×12 runner boards down.  By then it was mid afternoon and hot.  Came in and ate a large lunch.

Sonny came by and wanted to show me a small (7.8 acre) parcel of land he is thinking of selling.  I took a few photos.  Its triangular, with the longest side running along the road.  Taxes are like $32/year…  It has public water, and power across the gravel street.  Has a nice building on it as well, not sure how big, maybe 24×24, maybe 30×30 – something like that. Hilly with a small watering pond.  Be perfect for a small house, cabin, or something similar with enough land to raise a couple of steers, goats, chickens, whatever.  Asking price of $20,000 which is VERY reasonable.

Went into town, bought a couple of half-off plum trees, milk, etc.  Didn’t need eggs – Sonny gave me a dozen that Warner had just given him.  Oh, for reference:  Sonny is my next door neighbor, around 70, and overall very nice guy.  Warner is the gent that lent us use of a spare house for a year while we were building ours, another very nice neighbor, but we don’t see him as much.  Anyhow, Warner has a few chickens…

Came back and it was cooling off nicely, down to 82F per the truck.  I replaced some garden hose that broke, taped up some more, helped Evia run a soaker hose around her strawberries, rigged a water supply for the soaker then decided to reverse it.  Cut into the supply line and T’ed off that to provide her water on the uphill side.  Did that via flashlight.  We did get the runner boards leveled and set as well, also with help of the flashlight.  Came in a 10pm and realized we were not particularly hungry, so might snack a bit, but are skipping dinner.  Big lunch helped.

Will plant the plum trees in the morning, than attack the staircase again.  We may have some Russian friends visit over the weekend, will see.

Oh, the bee stung hand is still swollen, but doesn’t hurt anymore.

Its officially getting dry out there.  Great for those haying (and many are), but we could use some rain.  Oohhh… tomorrow is suppose to be in the 70s, with highs in the low 80s!  Wonderful!!!  Not seeing any serious chance of rain in the next week.