Very high winds during the previous week.  This is what is left of an old cottonwood – one of our favorites.  Its base was an easy 3-4 in diameter.  It was hollow enough on the inside that you could stand in it.

Besides the cottonwood, our kids play house was blown on its side – the slide ripped off and found a field over, the swing set beam shattered and metal brackets bent.

When we arrived, Evia (photoed above) noticed the cloths line was blown over.  My first thought was “No Way!  I’ve anchored that thing is 450lbs of concrete!”  Well, we were both right – it didn’t blow over, the metal pole was snapped off.

House was fine though. 

Most of this weekend was spent finishing up some electric fence work we started during our last visit.  One injury… we use spring gates (20′ long springs) across our electric fences.  I was measuring for a post position by using one such spring when it came loose from the far end and sailed toward me.  Caught that across my right leg and stomach.  If it had been a solid piece of iron, I’m sure it would have shattered my leg.  (since I’m writing this almost a month later, I can tell you I had a massive bruise from groin to knee and a baseball size one on my stomach.)  Still, we got everything done and now have a decent sorting area between our fields.

We spent Sunday afternoon moving the cows into the south fields.  Still haven’t got the castration done.  Not good.  Bees look fine though.