Every so often, we actually do get to relax and just listen to nature…

When we built the lake a year ago last fall, we had a pair of geese come and call it home, even though it was only half full.  They had a clutch of young ones, four of which made it to flight size.

This spring we had (2) large and (4) somewhat smaller geese return.  Probably fantasy, but I like to think its the same family.  The younger ones stuck around for a bit, then went off on their own.  The pair of larger ones have once again claimed the lake for their spring home.

What surprised me was what I heard right at dusk…  A flock of geese were flying overhead, yelling as geese do.  To my surprise, our two responded, and it was in an entirely different tone.  The flock yelled at a higher pitch I guess, the residents at a lower… and it was coordinated.  Flock, residents, flock, residents, etc.  The flock eventually circled, landed, and presumably spent the night.  It came across as “Anybody down there?”, “Yes, its safe here!”, “Where are you”, “Down here, come and rest.”, back-and-forth until the flying flock had landed.

We have had a few traveling ducks rest up on the lake this year but not stay.  Last year, a few weeks after the geese moved on, we did have a some come and raise a clutch.  Hope that happens again this year.

The photo below is an early dusk shot, the one below it is cropped and blow up a bit.  Sorry for the graininess.