Its been a few years, and we have freshened the site up a bit. Some old favorites are gone, like the Google translate button per post – which the author no longer supports, but the site is up-to-date with the latest version of WordPress and a few new features (like automatic backups!). I have tried to keep the same simple look and feel. This will remain mostly a text site – with little fluff.

Lots to talk about, but going to focus on things on my mind: Human population and human species sustainability on our planet first and foremost. This topic is going to branch all over the place – from lifestyle to population control and other fun rather political issues to fixing whats wrong.

One quick note: I’m semi-retired now and living on our farm near Kirksville, Missouri, USA.

As always, looking forward to some good conversation and debates. Be rude, and be banned. Be thoughtful with great arguments and verfied data, and be welcomed with open hands…