Light day.  Spent some time online looking at topo maps to see where our big pond (4ish acres) might go – measuring dam length requirements using Google Earth.  Built a little spreadsheet to calculate cubic yards of dirt.

We tried to separate the cattle with no effect, other than them shifting a bit towards us.  Noticed them back around dusk and went and opened the gate – about half have come through.  It appears the older ladies will be easier to move than the boys, so we are thinking of doing a double move – get everyone to this side, then move the ladies back.  We need to official wean the boys, although we haven’t seen the nursing in over a month.  Also, the ladies are about due to start delivering this years crop.  More importantly, we need to get Chuck over in the front field so that we can get him in a pen for slaughtering.  No point in calling the butcher until we know we can move him.  Also need to get the boys in the pen area for castration, should we fail in selling them.

Oh, I’m not immune to the poison ivy, the blisters started appearing today on my hands and feet.  Noticed one on my belly this evening.  *sigh*

I did have to go into town to get the Stihl weed whacker fixed – I had tried to fix it with no impact.  Ended up being two problems – the throttle cable got knocked off its guide, but more significantly, the exhaust had a screen that was clogged.  Solution was simple:  use a screw driver to break the exhaust screen.  Tool works like new!  No charge for the fix.

Meeting with Donnie in the morning.  Will ask for a $/yard cost for creating the lake dam, although the primary purpose of the visit is to see if a new pass through can be cut that will allow me to square up a field.

Evia’s friend Katya and her daughter Nastya arrived this evening.  Took Katya for a tour, starting with a showing of Sonny’s 7./