Well, the cat is settling in – actually got a good nights sleep.

Took the bent support brace into J&J Welding today.  We agreed that something isn’t right with the brush hog, so I’m going to take the whole thing, plus the tractor in.  He will figure out whats wrong, and custom build me front hay fork for the tractor.  Sonny suggested I have him put heavier spears on the rear lift and officially gave it to me (I’ve only been using it for about 6 years…)  Will do that the last workday we are here.  Should be fun, Evia will get to follow me in the pickup – which she hates to drive.

Really hot today – temp in the mid 90s with similar humidity.  Its suppose to rain tonight and cool off, but the forecast is changing daily.  Per AccuWeather and TWC this morning, it should be raining now – but we are mostly clear skies.  Now they are claiming rain on and off tomorrow.  At least MyRadar is showing some good clouds in Kansas, unlike the blank skies I saw this morning, so maybe they are finally right.

Lumber for the rear staircase arrived mid-day – it wasn’t expected until late tomorrow.  Alas, I ordered plastic planking to build some raised beds with and they sent wood.  That went bad.  Some miss-communication at PEJepson Lumber – odd, normally they are great about delivering what I ask for.  All on account… free delivery… got to love some aspects of living in the country.

Noticed a burr oak we planted this spring was drying up.  Now that the water is working to the rear of the house (one of those projects completed this week), we gave it a good soaking.  Thinking that the other trees planted elsewhere were probably in similar shape, we stretched the hose down to the bee hive area where we planted most of them.  Could have sworn I left the lower portion of hose down there, but we couldn’t find it, and seem to have plenty up by the house, so we reconnected it.  While watering, one of the warrior bees figured I was getting to close.  He buzzed my ear as a warning and stupidly I swatted at him (thought it was a horse fly).  Moments later he suicided on the palm of my hand.  First bee sting of the year.  I was curious how I would react.  It seems to vary by year from a small welt to severe (but considered within the norm) swelling.  I couldn’t walk for 2 weeks one year, and wanted to cut my rings off another.  Some years its not a problem.  Doesn’t look that this is going to be one of those “no problem” years.  Took about 30 minutes before I saw the swelling start.  As I type (fortunately my finger tips work) about half of my palm is somewhat painfully swollen as is most of the back of my hand.  My Russian mother-in-law suggest Whiskey for bee stings.  I’m taking her advice.

Oh, before I finish my rather heavy dose of “medicine”, I should mention that I sunk the 6 post for the temporary handling corral down by the crossing.  Evia and I dragged 2 lengths of cattle panels down and affixed them.  I rigged the electric spring gate.  Need to scrounge two more panels – should be able to get them from the old barn somewhere.

Ok, whiskey is kicking in, and I’ve only drunk a quarter of it.  Think I’ll sign out…


ps.  Early night, only worked until about 7pm, but my hand hurts…