We had wonderful weather this weekend.  Both days were in the 60s.  The lake planning is coming along with some tree clearing likely to happen in the next week or so – just enough to get some good elevation shots so that dam yardage can be figured and a solid budget set.

Spent most of Sunday hauling hay.
  30 bales this year, hopefully it will be enough.  Alas, I didn’t stop to take a photo, so this weeks image is from December of 2012.  At 1500-2000lbs each, that is about all the tractor can handle.

Of some “such is life” news:  Most of the temporary electric fence we put in and some clearing we cut will all be going under water eventually, and under bulldozer even sooner.  Next task is to remove most of what we have built in the last year down there.

Today is Monday, and I’m posting from the farm?  Why?  Because when we went to leave last night the Prius failed us.  All the warning lights came on, and I mean ALL of them, even the break light even though it wasn’t engaged.  Tried resetting the computer, tried rebooting via disconnecting the battery.  Nada.  Ended up hauling it into town on a neighbors flatbed trailer.  Its sitting at the Prius dealer now awaiting diagnosis.  Went to rent a car and Enterprise was out… waiting for a call from them as well.  We may be here a while, as in days, not hours.