This weekend was focused around selling Larry.

The weather cooled off.  It was a stark reminder that I meant to flush the radiator on the RTV.  Drained it, and turned the hose on to flush with fresh water – and ice came out of the hose!  Anyhow, gave it a good flush, added a bottle of Prestone radiator treatment and drove it around most of Saturday.  Last night was warmer, not quite touching on 32F.  Will drain and replacing with a proper anti-freeze mix.

Sunday morning the folks came to pick up Larry.  As expected, it was easy to get the herd to come over (definition of easy:  Walk to the top of the ridge and call “Come on girls!”.  30 seconds later a herd of cattle was walking my way…)  Fairly easy to get Duncan and Larry separated in our corral area, and eventually Larry separated from Duncan.  Folks came, backed up their trailer and Larry walked right up to it…  Stepping up into it was another story however.  My 80 year old neighbor came by to watch and we invited him to join us and make suggestions.  His comment:  “Rope him and pull him in!”.  That is pretty much what we did – looped some rope over his horns and pulled from outside the trailer through the front bars.  I pushed from the back.  Pretty easy really, although not exactly an gentle exercise.  We used the trailer doors to push as well and eventually he stepped up.  Last two feet went a few minutes later and that was that.  Got a check and they drove off.  Gabby was crying, Evia and I had a sniffle or two.  Going to miss him.  Good news is we can visit next year when we go to the Celtic festival.

It was touching that Larry’s Mom and Dad come to see him off: