What a difference a week of work will make.  The photo above was taken about 3:45pm on October 9th.  If you look hard, you can see a bit of earthwork through the trees about a third of the way across from left to right.  That is an area the lake folks cleared in order to shoot elevations and give me a good estimate on construction cost.

Here it is around 12:45pm on the first day of clearing.
And two hours later…
And around 10am the next morning, with the first brush piles still smoldering.
Dusk on the 18th of October, wrapping up the brush pile burnings.  I like to think of this as a country campfire – about 20′ in diameter.
And two week later, on November 2nd, around noon – with the mulch having just been spread over the yesterday’s seeding.  Now we just need a lot of rain (which is suppose to start tomorrow!).  Oh, to put things to scale… the black pipe with the two red flags will be the water level: