Put in about 5.5 hours of labor this afternoon.  Went out around 1:30pm and worked until 7pm.  All the post are in!  The mail rail boards for the walkway are also in.  That is the last of the 16′ 6×6 work, and the 20′ 2×12 work.  In theory it gets easier now… although I still need to put in the 2×12 edge boards for the deck itself – while standing on temp. scaffolding I have to build.  Kind of need to get that done tomorrow, so I can remove some temporary support boards that may well go under water if we have another good rain.  I should get all the cross members in to support the decking down the walkway tomorrow too.  With luck, three sheets of Advantech will go down and we will at least be able to walk out aways (ok, 24′ to be exact).

Not as wiped as I was yesterday, but the lumber was lighter, and I wasn’t fighting mud.

By the way:  this project is being built using a tractor powered auger (gets the pilot holes drilled, but not one of them was drop in ready, all needed to be at least trimmed, and some virtually redug, for proper post alignment), my fathers old Sears Craftsmen level – its missing a bubble or two, but otherwise is fine – a set of Rigid 18V power tools (drill/screwdriver, circular saw, reciprocal saw (“saws-all”), a blunt nose shovel, a post hole digger I’ve had forever, and a 3/4″ length of iron pipe I used for tamping and just a bit of sweat.

Weather is strange.  I believe it was about 45F this morning, and got up to about 65F (perfect weather:  t-shirt and a light flannel which protects my arms a bit).  Just weird to start the day in a coat, strip down to a T-shirt for part of it, then need a light cover for evening.

I can’t say the cows are ignoring me.  They keep an eye out when walking by, but I don’t seem to be disturbing them.  Now if Larry was here, he would be hanging with me all day.  Miss that guy.