Woke up after a night of strange dreams (ex-employer asked me back, ex-coworker complained I sold him a stolen car, etc…) and realized today MIGHT be my last working day.  50% chance of rain tomorrow – if that happens, and its anything substantial, I’ll be shutdown from doing much on the dock.  The lakeside is just to steep to be able to work safely if its muddy.  Anyhow, put in 8 1/2 hours today, getting out there about noon, and working until 8:30pm.  Started in a heavy coat, shed that by 1pm, lost the light flannel an hour after that.  Thought about losing my t-shirt but didn’t want to scare the cows.  Ended the day in the t-shirt even though it was 57 out.  Such is life when your doing labor.  It felt a bit cool, but not cold.

Anyhow, made some progress.  Walkway deck is in, and 3 of the 4 outer support boards are in on the main deck.  I have to pull one pole out about an inch and a half to have a shot at things being square.  Oh, speaking of square, I’m reasonably satisfied with the 26 foot walkway.  Its about a 1/2 inch out of square over those 26 feet.  A professional should have done better, but not too bad for an amateur.  Built a bit of scaffolding to help.  Looks like I’m going to end up with a spare pair of 2x12x20′ boards – I think of something to do with those on the next project (a combination chicken house and kids fort).

If the rain holds off a day, I should get the decking on the main deck and perhaps the handrails up.  Then all that is left is trimming the 6×6 post even, and painting all the decking with some sand filled pant (to make it less slippery).  Once the main deck is done, it won’t matter if the pond fills, I’ll be done with all the below future water level steps.