(Evia’s EditionEE in the future) Summer just flew, and beautiful flowers on the prairies were exchanged with tall, yellow grass.

Grass is good too, and our lake is blue as the October sky above it, and geese are back, and our dog Xena is not sure if she suppose to guard us from these strange loud big birds.

For kids summer continues: we still have wonderful weather, playing in the woods, climbing trees, discovering creeks and always ready to splash in the lake!



Several snakes, couple salamanders, some unusual caterpillars were caught and then released (with littlest loss).

Fourteen chickens were raised with a lot of love and attention, but also was bigger and bitter loss. Big bad raccoon attacked our chicken coop when we (and Xena!) were in town for more then 3 nights.



10 calves were born and another predator — possibly coyote — stole one of them. But others growing healthy, fluffy and as cute as only Highland calves can be!

We made several videos that I would be happy to share. Another goal we had   with kids though: to practice Russian. And most of our videos in Russian.

If   you would look at our beautiful prairies, animals, birds and us and listen nature sounds mixed with our voices and background music, you are more then welcome to “visit” us that way! 🙂