EE Last Friday kids and I planned to participate in the fall prairie burning in our neighborhood. At 8 at morning John Murphy ( Private Land Conservationist – Adair & Sullivan Counties) called me to tell it was cancelled. I stepped outside wondering what could be wrong at that beautiful sunny morning. Apparently, wind was at the wrong direction — and smoke would go to the neighbors houses. Not prairie friendly neighbors houses. Oh well, may be this week.

Kevin came for the weekend Friday evening. Inspected the chicken coop’s new roof — good, and foaming at his future office/workshop — not so good. So yesterday, at Monday, workers came back to finish their job. They left when it was already dark!

And for our weekend tasks — we just enjoyed the weather. Looked at our fields that were burned at spring, at the trees we planted: everything looks good, except we could not find the oaks we planted at the field behind the lake, because grass is so tall!
On the way back Kubota stuck at the mud, so we walk all the way back to get the tractor. Good weather — I did not mind the good walk! 🙂
Pulled Kubota, drove to the lake, stopped there to look.
Kids noticed us from the house, Frank came down to the lake too. I went back, grabbed some bread and we fed fish in the lake. Did not see anything big though.

Had some rice for lunch and Kevin left for his work week in the town. Now weather is not so good: cloudy, windy and cold. Xena and cats are sleeping in the house all day, but chickens seem happy outside, wandering around and pecking here and there.
Filled Kubota with the fuel, to be ready for next Friday, if burning will happen this time. Oh, and Kevin connected his future office to Internet!