It is hard to believe today that only couple of days ago we had 90 F! Now it is cold, chilly outside. Xena is happy: now she could spend all the time outside. She could, but she won’t.

Because she still likes to chase chickens for fun. And chickens want to spend as much time outside the coop as they can too! 🙂

So, we have the routine: at morning Xena coming in to drink some water and sleep after her night watching job, and I ran out to open doors for chickens. They flying out like a flock of pigeons! And I don’t know if they like this cool weather or not, but they definitely like to go around and have some fun: they are pecking on bugs and grass, visiting Gabriel’s guinea pigs in their old chick days house that we build with Kevin at the beginning of the summer, hey are also checking in in dog’s house and even swinging on our big swings!

So we are really hope for more sunny, dry and warm days even if it is the end of October now!
Today the workers came to finish the roof on the chicken coop/kid’s house. Now rain will not shower chickens while they are sleep, and kids could spend nights in the second floor. They were waiting for this roof to have their own little house complete! All parts from the old playground that was destroyed by the wind few years ago we re-used to build something fun! Now you can climb upstairs and spend some time there on the hammock, reading a  book or playing a game, even listening some  music or watching a movie, because our chicken coop/kids’ house has the Internet! ( WiFi of course).